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Truncated Domes Skid Resistance

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ADA Truncated Dome Mat Skid Resistance

ADA Truncated Dome Mat Skid Resistance
ADA Truncated Dome Mat Skid Resistance

Armor-Tile Detectable Warning Cast In-Place (built in) or Surface Applied surfaces incorporating ADA truncated dome mats are the best indicator to alert pedestrians, visually impaired individuals and physically disabled people that there is a hazard approaching in their way of travel. 

Armor-Tile Detectable Warning Surfaces are carefully engineered with the highest quality of raw materials found on the market today.  This gives our ADA truncated dome mat the sufficient strength, resilience and reliability in the unique and special micro texture design of our tiles to ensure the safety of individuals at all times.  It is important to us that ada truncated domes mats have skid resistance because detectable warning tiles are often installed on curb ramps which have a maximum slop of 1:12. 

Armor-Tile Detectable Warning mats have ada truncated dome mat skid resistance properties tested by The American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) standards.  Testing Procedure and Results were performed in 2006 per ASTM C 1028-96.  12 resulting values were recorded for Armor-Tile “as Received”, “Cleaned” in both wet and dry conditions.   Armor-Tile Detectable Warning Surfaces meet the American with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines found in the ADA Draft Guidelines in section R301.5 Surfaces.  “The surface of the pedestrian access route shall be firm, stable and slip resistant” which is the case with our ADA truncated dome mat.

2006 Static Coefficient of Friction or Truncated Dome Skid Resistance results can be downloaded here:


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