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Truncated Domes

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Emergency Crossing Walk Guidance Armor Tile
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Truncated Domes Info

Truncated domes are the Federally legislated standard design requirement for detectable warnings which enable people with visual disabilities to determine the boundary between the sidewalk and street. Because truncated domes have a unique design they can be detected underfoot and by sound on cane contact. Only Armor-Tile has a unique sound on cane contact feature required for optimum detectability in warning surfaces. Color contrast is another beneficial aspect of the truncated dome, making the tile visually detectable from the surrounding surface.

Armor-Tile truncated domes are fabricated out of a diamond-hard vitrified polymer which makes them durable, weather and wear resistant.

Truncated domes can be found in a multitude of applications such as curb ramps, vehicular ways, parking ways, stairwells, pedestrian crossings, escalator approaches, transit platforms and multi-modal transit.

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